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GeoVision Access Control Solution

GeoVision Access Control System aims to provide an enterprise level solution, capabilities with full scale system management for single or multiple locations. In addition, it allows the integration with GV Surveillance System to build up a comprehensive security solution.

GeoVision Access Control System offers intelligent networked solution, suitable for both small business and multinationals with facilities around the globe. The comprehensive managing and monitoring software package allows seamless integration with GeoVision DVR and IP products, offering live video and event associated playback to be controlled from single platform.

Ideal combination of access control and cameras. Access control system can of course work separately but is fully integrated with the Geovision camera software.

  • AS Manager is the software with which all controllers are managed (controllers operate the locks).

  • The controllers can work stand-alone, but can also be managed centrally (ASManager), the controllers can be equipped with readers.

  • Single readers are (optionally) connected to controllers.

  • Various options including, locks, tags, etc ...

This system is very comprehensive and very scalable.

The AS Manager software is supplied with various components and has a license structure per connected controller, whereby the first 4 controller licenses are free.

How GV Access Control Solution help to control the safety?

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IP Control Panel / Controller

  • GV-AS1010 IP Controller

    with Built-in Reader and Time & Attendance Function Keys
  • GV-AS1620

    Single Door IP Controller
  • GV-AS2120

    IP Control Panel
  • GV-AS4110

    IP Control Panel
  • GV-AS4111

  • GV-AS8110

    IP Control Panel
  • GV-AS8111

  • GV-EV48

    Elevator IP Control Panel Introduction


  • GV AS-Manager

  • GV-Patrol


  • CR1320

    IP Camera Reader
  • SR1251

    Card Reader
  • R1352

    Card Reader
  • RK1352

    Card Reader
  • DFR1352

    Door Frame Card Reader
  • GF192x

    Fingerprint Card Reader
  • CR420

    IP Camera Reader
  • RU9003

    UHF RFID Reader

GeoVision Access Control Speciality

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