How the Central Monitoring System work

The GeoVision Central Monitoring Station (GV-CMS) structure includes four independently developed modules: GV-Center V2 (Pro), GV-Dispatch Server, GV-Vital Sign Monitor, and GV-Control Center. Each module has different functions and can be quickly deployed as part of the central monitoring infrastructure.

The basic functions of these modules can be summarized as follows:

I. GV-Center V2 Pro module receives videos and messages, records, generates event logs, and sends notifications on alert conditions such as intrusion, fire, video lost, and system breakdown from 800 channels or 500 GV-Systems simultaneously.

II. GV-Dispatch Server module balances Center V2 Pro network load, distributes client DVR requests from 25,000 GV-Systems to 50 Center V2 Pro, views real-time events, and tracks Center V2 Pro and Dispatch event logs.

III. GV-Vital Sign Monitor module receives text alert messages from 1,000 client DVRs, outputs alarms, sends SMS or emails to designated people, monitors client DVRs’ storage space and online status.

IV. GV-Control Center module controls, configures, views live videos, records, plays back, and manages I/O devices from multiple client DVRs, for the purposes of IT maintenance and site surveillance.

These are the basic concepts and infrastructure of the modules for a central monitoring station. These modules provide powerful and reliable solutions to centrally manage numerous GV-Systems and efficiently deploy the central monitoring capability. Furthermore, they are cost-effective since they do not require any additional specialized hardware to run the servers.

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